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While most retailers offer loyalty cards, they are unable to utilize this customer relationship management tool to serve shoppers better. Common challenges most face are the competing of consumers’ limited wallet space and consumer’s spending power, as well as the unlocking of value in consumer’s often unused stored value media.


mSVC is able to link up with retailers’ existing loyalty programs by using consumers’ mobile number as a main login identifier. By using an identity that consumers already use on a daily basis, mSVC makes it easier for consumers to earn and redeem rewards in-store, or remotely from their mobile devices - anywhere, anytime. Further, mSVC resides as virtual icon in consumers’ mobile devices, taking up no physical space, removing paper trail and clutter for both the end-user and retailer. Better yet, retailers know the consumer better on account of the information they gather as part of the buying process. The login ID and password serve as the shopper’s identification and every action is tracked. The retailer can leverage these valuable insights gained to engage with the consumer, not only offering an enhanced, seamless shopping experience across all channels but more importantly a new level of personalization.

Virtual cards differ from traditional ones because stored value media are stored digitally and often can be tailored to support any value, including small or large, unrounded amounts. There is a growing popularity to link mobile number with credit and debit cards for ‘Just-in-time’ delivery, just as a shopper is making a purchase decision. Phone numbers are the primary identity for the fastest growing mobile demographics, including emerging markets, which account for 70% of the world’s mobile population. With mSVC, you can build a customized registration and sign-in experience. Retailers can reduce support costs and tap into massive growth potential for their app with mSVC’s standard phone verification.

GPS based tracking system

Paired with Global Positioning System (GPS) based tracking system, a feature already built in most mobile devices today, mSVC technology allows its users to locate their desired point of interest and check-in upon every visit for instant member exclusive stored value media rewards. Using advanced analytics data, this can be used to track the effectiveness of different media channels, gather demographics, create instant customer interactions, extend campaigns, and further drive sales. Such patterns and demographic profiles can be analyzed for highly targeted personalized offers that can be managed, monitored and updated in real-time.

Another of mSVC’s in-store technology offerings is the development of an In-door Positioning System (IPS), an emerging technology built around geo-magnetics, iBeacon and Bluetooth 4.x+ technologies, to cater for large commercial buildings e.g. department stores, airports, museums, etc.

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