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Senior Software Engineer (JAVA) (Job ID: 004)

Job Location

On Site

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Type of Job

Full Time

Published Date

1 November 2016 at 02:17:00

About the job

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for the software system to achieve the internal coding and testing;
2, to participate in the project feasibility analysis, technical feasibility analysis and needs analysis;
3. Give some constructive comments and suggestions to the overall framework of the system;
4, responsible for the preparation of software system-related technical documentation;
5, to be independent of the completion of the project manager assigned software development tasks, and other members of the project team work closely.



1. Skilled use of JAVA language, code to write norms, programming design clear;

2. With a certain J2SE architecture C / S (desktop programming) development experience;

3. Familiar with Swing, skilled use of development tools Eclipse;

4. With a certain degree of software engineering thinking, to understand the system architecture, object modeling (UML), English documents;

5. Familiar with the mainstream J2EE application server, (Tomcat, JBOSS) deployment and configuration methods;

6. Familiar with WebService development;

7. Familiar with the mainstream message queue Active MQ, Open MQ;

8. With Linux development and deployment experience is preferred.


Employee Benefits:

1, Five-day work week;

2, Endowment insurance;

3, Enunemployment insurance;

4, Work-related injury insurance;

5, Childbirth insurance;

6, Housing accumulation funds;

7, Performance bonus;

8, Professional training.

About us

Value Exchange International Limited. in 1988 in Hong Kong.

VEI is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shenzhen and Asia Pacific Manila and Indonesia. And in Shanghai, Guangzhou, a technology research and development centers and testing centers.

VEI focuses on the research and development of IT software products in the retail industry, and is an IT company focused on the retail industry, providing professional, comprehensive and integrated solutions to the retail industry. Owned research and development technology in the fast-growing market has a strong competitive edge. The company's software products are mainly targeted at retail customers, such as supermarkets, department stores, restaurants, all kinds of chain stores and so on.

Long-term partners Watson's supermarket, Watson's Waterworks, PARKnSHOP supermarket, Sogo Department Store, Hong Kong PCCW, Macau Telecom, Hong Kong SASA, the Philippines Robinsons supermarkets and other famous enterprises.

VEI's team is composed of dozens of IT, communications, retail and other technical background of the industry professionals, has extensive IT retail industry management experience, to provide the retail industry software, hardware and network a complete program. The company also has more than 100 distributed throughout the IT service engineers, in a timely manner to provide IT hardware and software failures, training, implementation and other professional services.

VEI distributes around 150 employees in each region and provides equal opportunities for in-service staff, such as outbound project training and internal job competition. The company always promotes the development of employees in line with the company's development philosophy. In the steady development, YUEYI progress at the same time, with the regional companies continue to expand, we look forward to more enthusiasm and dedication of the people with lofty ideals to join our ranks, to witness the development of the company's historical process.


Shanghai Pudong New Area Mall Road 800, Room

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