About us

Value Exchange International (VEI) is a leading company that integrates shopping, payment, marketing and technology services into one single platform, bringing you the next retail generation. With our innovative mobile Stored Value Card (mSVC) solution, we have transformed the traditional shopping experience from passive to active.

Established in 2011, VEI was created by forward thinking, green innovators seeking technological solutions to common environmental business challenges. Our innovative portfolio of solutions and products is what makes us recognized throughout the industry for continually pushing the limits of today's technology so that our customers never have to choose between saving money and acquiring the capabilities they need to be successful. With our technologies, our customers are able to significantly reduce their data center footprint, reinforce their brand image, streamline core business processes, and enable customer- friendly policies.

VEI has managed to gain significant advantage in securing accounts from some of the leading brands in the market, made possible through our partnership with other industry leaders. With the insight we've gained from these successful implementations and combined with the unparalleled access we have to our own and third-party products and expertise, we have all the resources you need to maximize your return on technology investments.

VEI is headquartered in Hong Kong but has direct presence in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tokyo and Manila.

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